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Chris Welsh

United Kingdom

Millions of people are being fed misinformation about cannabis oil and are being told things that aren't the truth. I have dealt with the Effective Cannabis Medicine team for six years and I have sent many friends to them for medicine and advice. I can stand by what they produce as a long time user of it; and it is outstanding. I know of no one else who offers such a hands-on approach to cannabis medicine. Thank you to you and your family.

Kevin Topener


You saved my life, pure and simple. After years of gruelling on and off chemotherapy and radiation my oncologists sent me home with hospice. You guys are heaven-sent. Thank you for helping me. Four years after I was supposed to be dead, and I'm feeling better each day.

Jaye AsbelL


They (doctors) gave me between March & May of 2014 to live. It's 2018 & I'm still fighting, but I'm still here & my quality of life is a thousand times better than it would have been with the medical system. I do not believe I would have survived conventional treatment. I love this team, I surely wouldn't be here now without their expert knowledge and help. Always just a phone call away. I can't say enough about my appreciation for their help.

Melanie Emett


Thank you so much for helping me and teaching me how to heal myself. I'm telling everyone I meet how medicinal cannabis can be when used properly. What you and your team are doing is truly incredible. Don't let the doctors convince you that you're dying! My results are completely clear for the third year in a row, and I keep telling people; cannabis oil works!

Steve Murphy

United Kingdom

My name is Steve and I live in the UK. In Dec 2013 I was diagnosed with stage 4 Melanoma, which had spread to my lungs. A friend of mine passed on ECM's details to me. I have only praise for the service that they provide and the high quality standards of their products. As well as very reliable service, they also offer information and support. I have now been told that I have no evidence of disease and cannot thank ECM enough!


Our small team provides the utmost quality & optimally effective cannabinoid medicine products to patients, dispensaries, & product producers under California's Medicinal & Adult-Use Cannabis Reg. & Safety Act, Proposition 215, the “Compassionate Use Act,” (Cal. Health & Safety (H&S) § 11362.5), & Senate Bill S.B. 420.
We offer consultation, fast & guaranteed delivery, & are available nearly 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer all questions that come up during the healing journey. We are extremely proud to have helped many thousands of people since opening our doors in 2010.

Life-Saving Medicine Undertaken Correctly and Optimally

Highest Standards of Quality Control and Expertise

Love/Care, Transparency, ETHICS, EXPERIENCE and Commitment


Narim Sela


Cannabis medicine has enabled me to live out my senior years not strapped into a bed. I couldn't breathe, stand, or function in any way after just a few minutes of physical exertion. Now I'm jogging daily and able to do activities with my family. I feel normal again and it's all thanks to this miracle plant. My husband's Parkinson symptoms have almost completely disappeared too! THANK YOU!!

Rachel Puliton

Malta, Europe

Thank you, thank you, thank you. My mother is still with us and living comfortable many years after we were told there was nothing more that could be done. Cancer is still in remission, and zero new growth! Cannabis WORKS!!!!

Mel Morton

United Kingdom

Infinite wisdom; that is the only way to describe it. They have taken the science behind using cannabis medicine the right way and simplified it for the average person to be able to implement. I would have continued using cannabis improperly and wondering why I wasn't achieving results if not for the guidance I got from these amazing people. There is a science to it, and doing it properly yields such better and quicker results!

We are a non-profit medicinal cannabis collective in Los Angeles, California.  We strive to improve lives by educating about & guiding in the use of natural and safe options to most effectively heal.