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Two EXTREMELY important articles on cannabis medicine (PLEASE READ):

What is the potency of your medicines?

The cannabinoid levels and ratios of our cannabis extracts varies depending on the exact nature of each unique situation. Generally they test at roughly 87-92% THC (850mg of THC per gram of oil) and contain significant traces of all 400+ other cannabinoids and medicinal constituents of the cannabis indica plant. In special circumstances we may use completely different ratios of cannabinoids for more optimal results. Please ask, we're happy to guide you.

Are your medicines lab-tested?

Every batch of medicine we produce is full composition analysis lab-tested at the most nationally acclaimed cannabis testing facility in the country, and comes with verifiable results to show cannabinoid percentages, ratios, residual solvent level, pesticide and fertilizer screening, other potential contaminants (organic or otherwise), moisture levels, and more.

How do I order?

Simply contact us!

How do I know which medicines to get?

We can help you find the cannabis medicine option(s) that will work most effectively for you! Simply contact us!


What are terpenes?

Terpenes are a class of aromatic compounds produced by cannabis. Unlike cannabinoids, which are only found in cannabis, terpenes are found in thousands of other plants. Most of what you smell from flowers or as well as many plant foods are terpenes. For example, a terpene called limonene is found in lemons and can stimulate energy, and the primary terpene in lavender, linalool, has a calming effect.

What makes your medicines different from other producers?

We use only the highest-quality and purest ingredients in the production of our medicines. We use certified organic 100% pure food-grade ethanol as the solvent for extracts and certified organic Italian olive oil for tinctures. All cannabis is grown without pesticides and lab-tested to confirm absence of toxic contaminants like bacterial toxins and heavy metals. The medicine is produced using a proprietary process that decarboxylates the cannabinoids while preserving the terpenes. Many other products on the market are overheated and thus suffer loss of terpenes.

What is decarboxylation?

In the raw cannabis plant, the cannabinoids are found in their acidic forms – THC acid (THCA) and CBD acid (CBDA). Heat is required to transform these acidic cannabinoids into their neutral counterparts, THC and CBD, a process known as decarboxylation. However, heat also results in terpene loss. Through extensive experimentation, we have found a way to decarboxylate the cannabinoids while preserving terpenes.

How long have you been in operation?

Our organization was established in 2010 and has helped thousands of people learn how to heal themselves since.